The WONCA Africa Ph.D. Forum was developed as an opportunity to share, learn and stimulate completion of PhD candidates amongst family doctors in Africa. 

There are two ways to engage:
Join an online meeting 6-7pm (GMT) on the third Thursday of every month. Ph.D. students will present their studies whilst Ph.D. supervisors will share their feedback and some general insights. This is where you start if you are thinking of doing a Ph.D. No commitments, just dip your toes. Click on dates for a link to register or title for recorded meetings

The dates of the Zoom Meetings for 2019 are:

Once you are serious about your Ph.D. try to develop a proposal using this template 
Once you have developed 'something' (dont worry about it being 'perfect' then go to the Google Group and request to join. You will be required to post your draft proposal on the Group as an introduction. From there you will have an opportunity to be matched with a supervisor and potential universities where you could do your Ph.D.​ 
The Google Group rules are simple: 
  • This is a safe space where you should feel free to share precious ideas so all intellectual property belongs to researchers/authors; any unauthorised use would constitute plagiarism and/or copyright infringement; and any comments on proposals would be deemed as belonging to researchers/authors if they choose to use it.

  • Ph.D. students must share a brief report of progress quarterly

  • Ph.D.s must share a brief comment quarterly

  • Keep emails useful, short and simple. 

  • Avoid emails with "thank you" or "I agree" etc..

  • Respect others opinions.

Do you have a Ph.D. and want to help supervise Africans in PHC to do their PhD? Then join us by emailing and sharing your details and interests and we will include you in the Google Group.
This is the list of PhDs (and / or experienced) who may be able to supervise and are in the Google Group (see interests below)
  • Prof Shabir Moosa (Wits University - South Africa)
    • Family Medicine in Africa​, COPC, Health Systems, PHC Management, Provider Payment Systems
  • Prof Shailey Persad (University of Minnesota - USA)
    • Global Health and Social Responsibility​
  • Dr. Jimmy Chandia (Walter Sisulu University - South Africa)
    • Patient-centred care, infectious diseases (STIs / HIV), NCDs, problem-based learning and community-based education, community-oriented primary care, qualitative research methodology for answering family medicine research questions 
  • Prof. Jaya George (Wits HOD Clin Path/NHLS - South Africa)
    • NCD diagnosis and management
  • Prof. Oathokwa Nkomazana (acting DVC Academic Affairs University of Botswana)​
    • Eye health, human resources for health
  • Dr Klaus von Pressentin (Editor SAFP Journal, Stellenbosch University) 
    • District health service strengthening, primary care (especially team-based care), human resources for health, education (especially workplace-based and distributed learning platform), activities aimed at clarifying the role of family physicians in Africa
  • Prof Josep Vidal i Alaball (Universitat de Vic, Universitat Central de Catalunya, Spain)​
    • ​Public health, telemedicine, and eHealth
We will be growing this list progressively