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Besrour African Colleagues,

As some of you know, one of the exciting ideas generated from last month’s WONCA Africa conference was the development of a new initiative we are calling the “Besrour Café”.  Would you be interested in participating?

The Besrour Café, a proposed internet platform that allows monthly/bimonthly real-time discussion between Canadian and international partners on various topics related to education and training in global family medicine, as identified by stakeholders. Occurring in both official languages of the Centre, the Cafe would facilitate regularly scheduled, thematically structured, peer-to-peer discussions to take place, bridging between Besrour conferences. Its initial target audience would be early to mid stage family medicine teachers, providing a forum for ongoing mentorship, innovation and collaboration within the global family medicine sphere.

We hope to pilot the Besrour Café with our partners in the African region, with an aim to broaden its scope to include other global partners and to incorporate other Besrour domains such as advocacy and research.  Our plan is to have a “pilot” version ready to demonstrate at the Family Medicine Forum in Vancouver this fall.  We are proposing to establish two groups for development of this project:

1) A “ground level” working group comprised of 4-6 early to mid career family physicians tasked with week-by-week development and implementation of the Café.  This will involve several email discussions per week and one online meeting per month.

2) A larger advisory group comprised of more senior family doctors, intended to provide “big picture” guidance and mentorship to the “ground level” group. Meetings would be held every 2-3 months.

If you would be interested in participating in either of the above groups, or would like to recommend someone in your context to join, please contact Vera Shewell at the above email address no later than Friday, July 19, 2019

We looking forward to joining you at the Besrour Café!

The Besrour Centre

Chers collègues Besrour africains,

Comme certains d’entre vous le savent, l’une des idées intéressantes issues de la conférence WONCA Afrique du mois dernier a été la mise en place d’une nouvelle initiative que nous appelons le « Café Besrour ». Souhaiteriez-vous y participer ?

Le Café Besrour sera une plateforme Internet qui permettra des discussions mensuelles ou bimensuelles en temps réel entre les partenaires canadiens et internationaux sur divers sujets liés à l’éducation et à la formation en médecine familiale mondiale, dét