WONCA Africa Clinical Webinar on COVID-19

WONCA Africa hosted a webinar on 4th March 2020 on the novel Coronavirus outbreak. There were several experts from WHO Geneva on the call

  • Overview of the COVID19 situation - Sarah Hess

  • Clinical Care Update - Tom Fletcher

  • Infection Prevention and Control Update - April Baller

  • Health workforce and facility preparedness - Catherine Kane

  • Protection of health workers’ occupational safety and health - Ivan Ivanov

See chat text below for details of websites suggested etc.

00:01:57 Maria Bakola: Hello everyone!

00:02:28 Maren Hopfe: Hello everyone also from my side

00:02:31 Nicholas Mosoba: Hello all!

00:03:25 Maria Bakola: Hello from Greece. Sorry, I and at work (old pc) and I have no cam and mic.

00:04:41 Millicent Addai Boateng: Hi everyone, my name is Millicent from Ghana and I can't wait to hear more on the topic.

00:05:09 Patrick Mutua: Hi everyone

00:05:54 Elaine Rabello : Good morning/afternoon everyone. Greetings from The Netherlands, on behalf of Fiocruz, Brazil.

00:06:09 Galaxy A70: Hi all. Greetings from Kenya

00:06:52 Muzimkhulu Zungu: Hello to all

00:06:56 meena cherian: hello all greetings from Geneva

00:07:13 Maren Hopfe: Hi again, greetings from ILO Geneva

00:07:26 Baba Aye: greetings all, Baba Aye (Public Services International)

00:07:45 Grace Gichuna: Hello all, greetings

00:07:59 Jeldah Mokeira: Hi all, greetings

00:08:01 Muzimkhulu Zungu: Hello to all, greetings from NIOH in Johannesburg South Africa

00:08:26 Baba Aye: I can hear only background noise now Is any one (of the organisers) talking presently, please?

00:08:39 Joseph Michael Ochieng Oduor: Hi all greetings from Nairobi

00:08:46 Boakye: hello

00:08:58 Boakye: I can’t hear anything