WONCA Africa Report June 2020

WONCA Africa Report 2019/2020 from June 2019

July 2020

WONCA Africa Exco Members

The following were elected to the WONCA Africa Exco in October 2018 and allocated tasks:

1. President: Prof Shabir Moosa (Coordinating Stakeholder Engagement)

2. President-elect: Dr. Dan Abubakar (Coordinating Membership)

3. Secretary: Dr Joy Mugambi (Coordinating WPs/SIGs)

4. Treasurer: Dr Elizabeth Reji (Womens Party Chair)

5. Additional Member: Dr. Temitope Ilori (Supporting stakeholder engagement)

6. Additional Member: Dr Jane Namatovu (Coordinating Conference)

7. Co-opted Member: Dr Kwame Asisi-Boateng (Afriwon Chair)

There have been bi-monthly EXCO meetings, held mostly using Zoom and minuted.

1. 9th July 2010

2. 10th September 2019

3. 12th November 2019

4. 10th January 2020

5. 10th March 2020

6. 12th May 2020

7. 14th July 2020

As per allocated tasks there has been some progress:

1. Stakeholder Engagement (Shabir Moosa)

a. WONCA World:

i. WONCA Exco Telcon Meetings: There have been several. Most discussion has been around regional progress and bylaws. A key progress item has been the weekly COVID webinar since April 2020.

ii. WONCA Exco Face-to-face Meetings: Bangkok November 2019. There was approval of an advance loan every two years to WONCA Africa Conferences based on the Flowa Fund proposal up to $5000. There was support for the AfroPHC effort (including funds to assist the PHC Concept document process).

iii. WONCA Exco Extended Telcon 14-15 May 2020: There was extensive discussion on postponing the WONCA World Council and Conference to November 2021. There were Bylaw proposals discussed as well as support of the WONCA