WONCA Africa Term Report 2019-2021

WONCA Africa Exco Members

The following were elected to the WONCA Africa Exco in October 2018 (and allocated tasks):

1. President: Prof Shabir Moosa (Coordinating Stakeholder Engagement)

2. President-elect: Dr. Dan Abubakar (Coordinating Membership)

3. Secretary: Dr Joy Mugambi (Coordinating WPs/SIGs)

4. Treasurer: Dr Elizabeth Reji (Also Womens Party Chair)

5. Additional Member: Dr. Temitope Ilori (Supporting stakeholder engagement)

6. Additional Member: Dr Jane Namatovu (Coordinating Conference)

7. Co-opted Member: Dr Kwame Asisi-Boateng (Afriwon Chair)

8. Co-opted Member: Prof Bob Mash (Primafamed)

WONCA Africa Exco Meetings

There were monthly EXCO meetings in 2019 and then bi-monthly EXCO meetings in 2020/2021, held using Zoom and minuted, despite being erratic since March 2020 due to COVID (with no meetings held May 2020 - March 2021). We have had monthly meetings since June 2021.

WONCA Africa Council Meetings

We had the following WONCA Africa Council Meetings

1. April 2019: Unfortunately, online participation was poor.

2. June 2019: There was a brief discussion with Member Organisations in Kampala on plans for the next conference/s. It was decided then that the next conferences will be in Abuja, Nigeria (2021) and Nairobi, Kenya (2023).

3. June 2020: There was a well-attended special meeting with the full Executive Committee and representatives of Botswana, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda attending to discuss the EXCO term implications for the postponement of the WONCA Council Meeting to 2021. The meeting had a robust discussion and supported the extension of the term of the WONCA Africa Executive Committee to November 2021.

4. May 2021: There was a meeting for reports on World Family Doctor Day plans, but this failed.

5. July 2021: This meeting discussed the WONCA Conference (22-27 November) / Council Meeting (19-21 November), fees and WONCA Africa EXCO elections.

6. October 2021: This meeting is planned to elect the new EXCO.

As per allocated tasks there has been some progress:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

a. WONCA World: There were meetings of WONCA World Exco in Seoul.

Strategic priorities were laid out by President Donald Li:

i. EXTERNAL: Liaise effectively with WHO; raise the WONCA profile - increase visibility of WONCA globally; and increase WONCA’s income to enable more work to