WONCA Africa Term Report 2019-2021

WONCA Africa Exco Members

The following were elected to the WONCA Africa Exco in October 2018 (and allocated tasks):

1. President: Prof Shabir Moosa (Coordinating Stakeholder Engagement)

2. President-elect: Dr. Dan Abubakar (Coordinating Membership)

3. Secretary: Dr Joy Mugambi (Coordinating WPs/SIGs)

4. Treasurer: Dr Elizabeth Reji (Also Womens Party Chair)

5. Additional Member: Dr. Temitope Ilori (Supporting stakeholder engagement)

6. Additional Member: Dr Jane Namatovu (Coordinating Conference)

7. Co-opted Member: Dr Kwame Asisi-Boateng (Afriwon Chair)

8. Co-opted Member: Prof Bob Mash (Primafamed)

WONCA Africa Exco Meetings

There were monthly EXCO meetings in 2019 and then bi-monthly EXCO meetings in 2020/2021, held using Zoom and minuted, despite being erratic since March 2020 due to COVID (with no meetings held May 2020 - March 2021). We have had monthly meetings since June 2021.

WONCA Africa Council Meetings

We had the following WONCA Africa Council Meetings

1. April 2019: Unfortunately, online participation was poor.

2. June 2019: There was a brief discussion with Member Organisations in Kampala on plans for the next conference/s. It was decided then that the next conferences will be in Abuja, Nigeria (2021) and Nairobi, Kenya (2023).

3. June 2020: There was a well-attended special meeting with the full Executive Committee and representatives of Botswana, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda attending to discuss the EXCO term implications for the postponement of the WONCA Council Meeting to 2021. The meeting had a robust discussion and supported the extension of the term of the WONCA Africa Executive Committee to November 2021.

4. May 2021: There was a meeting for reports on World Family Doctor Day plans, but this failed.

5. July 2021: This meeting discussed the WONCA Conference (22-27 November) / Council Meeting (19-21 November), fees and WONCA Africa EXCO elections.

6. October 2021: This meeting is planned to elect the new EXCO.

As per allocated tasks there has been some progress:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

a. WONCA World: There were meetings of WONCA World Exco in Seoul.

Strategic priorities were laid out by President Donald Li:

i. EXTERNAL: Liaise effectively with WHO; raise the WONCA profile - increase visibility of WONCA globally; and increase WONCA’s income to enable more work to be done.

ii. INTERNAL: strengthen and consolidate corporate governance; appoint a new CEO to take over in 2020; strengthen and expand the Secretariat; provide more support to WONCA office holders; monitor the work of WONCA Working Parties and SIGs; and improve internal communications.

iii. There were bi-annual two-day WONCA Executive meetings (face-to-face in 2019 / virtually since) and monthly two-hour virtual WONCA Executive meetings 6-8 weekly over the term.

iv. Key WONCA Executive roles were:

a. Organisational Equity Committee (OEC)- Viviana Martinez Bianchi

b. Bylaws and Regulations Committee – Shabir Moosa

c. Membership Committee – Marvin Reid

d. Nominating and Awards Committee – Anna Stavdal

e. Finance Committee – Val Wass

f. Other: Viviana Bianchi-Martinez: WHO; Pratyush Kumar: WPs/SIGs

v. WONCA Africa Statutory Committee representatives were Henry Lawson in Membership Committee, Kate Anteyi in Organisational Equity Committee and Elizabeth Reji in Finance Committee.

b. Other WONCA Activities

i. WONCA EMR: Shabir Moosa went to the WONCA EMR Conference in Beirut 23-27th March 2019 to network on support to WONCA Africa and WHO AFRO relations. There was a keenness to arrange a joint AFRO-EMRO WONCA-WHO meeting, possibly in Cairo. This was cancelled due to challenges in arrangements and funding. There has been poor progress on a joint AFRO-EMRO WONCA-WHO meeting. However, Prof Moosa joined two WONCA EMR meetings – Muscat (17-20 Oct 2019) and Doha (19-22 Feb 2020).

ii. WONCA: Primary Care Dialogues: A virtual WONCA Primary Care Dialogue between WONCA Africa and WONCA SAR was held 16th October 2020. This was very successful with ±20 participants. It was agreed that an article would be drafted by Shabir and Raman capturing the issues raised. This has not happened. There were no other dialogues planned.

iii. Caribbean College: Shabir Moosa was invited by Prof. Marvin Reid to speak on “Primary Healthcare and how the system addresses health problems, in particular CNCD” at the Distinguished Lecture of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians Sunday March 14, 2021.

iv. Working Parties/SIGs: AfroPHC has created partnerships with several Working Parties and Special Interest Groups, including Complexities in Healthcare (Workshop 17th August 2021), Quality and Safety (Workshop 21st Sept) and Rural (Workshop 19th Oct 2021)

c. WONCA Africa Bylaws: The draft “Bylaws of WONCA Africa” adopted by the WONCA Africa Council Meeting in October 2018 and supported by WONCA Exco will be presented to the WONCA Council Meeting in Abu Dhabi 2021 for approval.

d. WHO Afro:

i. The WONCA President wrote letters post-Astana to WHO DG in late 2018 and requested letters from Regional Presidents to WHO Regions. WONCA President wrote letter to MO’s informing them of WHO-WONCA MOU outcome. This has formed the basis for WHO AFRO discussions.

ii. Shabir Moosa engaged with WHO Afro in December 2018, via Dr Prosper Tumusiime (HSS Acting Director under Drs Cabore and Moeti), with the support of WONCA World. Dr Tumusiime felt that family medicine fits well with WHO plans. He hoped to engage WONCA Africa in strategy on teamwork for service delivery. WONCA Africa was made aware of WHO Afro’s HEALTH FORUM in Praia, 26-28th March in Cape Verde but found the cost/time excessive. Shabir Moosa planned to join the AHAIC meeting in Kigali, Rwanda 5-7th March to engage with WHO, SPARC and PHCPI but cancelled due to passport challenges. Dr Tumusiime came to the WONCA Africa Conference in Uganda in June 2019. A WONCA Africa team (Prof Moosa, Dr Abubakar, Dr Mugambi, Dr Besigye and Prof Mash) visited WHO AFRO in Brazzaville 13-14 August to engage in the light of the MOU between WONCA-WHO. Prof Moosa join the WHO AFRO Regional Committee of Ministers 19-23 August 2019 in Brazzavaille.

iii. After engaging with WHO Afro in 2018/2019 Dr Tumusiime provided an extensive letter of engagement in February 2020, that included a memo to WHO Country Representatives. There were six areas of collaboration identified (The full document is available in a post)

i. Building relationships and mutual understanding further

ii. Strengthening the DHS through family physicians

iii. Improving the quality of PHC and DHS

iv. Connect WHO resources with the training of family physicians

v. Primary care research

vi. Support for development of the African Forum for PHC.

iv. There has been extensive engagement by WONCA Africa MOs at country level with WHO Country representatives, coordinated by Innocent Besigye. Whilst the WHO AFRO relationship is intact overall progress has been shaped by COVID, including the AfroPHC and COVID in Africa Webinars (March - August 2020). This is now being merged into development of country chapters of AfroPHC. We have tried to advance the MOU with the work of AfroPHC. We requested Dr Moeti to speak at the AfroPHC UHC Workshop on 21st October and only received a refusal a few days before the meeting and on follow up. We asked Dr Tumusiime to speak instead. He informed us then that he just retired.

v. After Dr Tumusiime retired in November 2020, he linked us to acting officials who were emailed in May 2021 to support the engagement from February 2020, including engagement with WHO Country Representatives. There has been no response to date. WHO and WHO AFRO officials have however been involved in many of the AfroPHC workshops. Dr Tumusiime was part of the AfroPHC Core Team and occasionally participated. He is now on the AfroPHC Advisory Board.

e. African PHC Networking

i. AMREF/AHAIC: The online Leadership and Management course in partnership with AHLMN has been agreed to and circulated. However, actual participation and completion is poor, with ± 800 students (2020: 176 / 2021: 600) enrolled with only ±25 graduating. We partnered with AMREF in the AfroPHC workshop on CHWs 15th June 2021. Shabir Moosa was appointed, upon application, as one of 11 commissioners in the AHAIC Commission charged with producing a report on the State of UHC in Africa Report. It was released at the AHAIC Conference 2021. Shabir Moosa moderated the AHAIC Session on “From Attention to Action on Health Systems: Driving Accountability for PHC in the Wake of COVID-19” 10th March 2021.

ii. SPARC: Prof Moosa engaged with Mr Nat Otoo, Strategic Purchasing in Africa Research Centre (SPARC) Coordinator in Nairobi and had a joint workshop in the Uganda Conference. There are discussions on a partnership. This partnership has been strengthened within AfroPHC with a Twitter Chat and a joint AfroPHC workshop 27th July 2021.

iii. WCEA: WONCA and WCEA signed an MOU to develop African-appropriate CPD and other educational material in collaboration with RCGP and diaspora from UK.

iv. ICN APN Committee: WONCA supported the Advance Practice Nurse meeting and partnered in mapping a way forward for an Advance Practice Nurse curriculum framework in Africa.

v. PHCPI: WONCA Africa and AfroPHC are engaged in Allies for PHC group

vi. TUFH: WONCA Africa and AfroPHC partnered in African efforts on PHC education, including the AfroPHC Workshop in Complexity in African PHC 17th August 2021.

vii. SADC: There was engagement with SA DOH Foreign Affairs attache in November 2018, who facilitates SADC meeting of Ministers. We hoped to meet in December 2018 but there has been no progress since.

viii. AfrIPEN: Shabir Moosa joined the AfrIPEN Interprofessional Educational and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) Conference in Nairobi 18th July – 3rd August 2019. There was considerable respect and support for family doctor involvement in the team. This set the basis for AfroPHC.

ix. Global PHC Research Consortium: Shabir Moosa participated in a 2019 meeting in Cape Town (as WONCA) to develop a Global PHC Research Consortium. WONCA and Primafamed have two seats in a seven-seat consortium (including Ariadne Labs, George Washington University, George Institute, ICDDR, and American University of Beirut). The core administration has been awarded to George Institute (India). Primafamed remains in the engagement with Prof Bob Mash participating in WONCA EXCO and Prof Shabir Moosa participating in PRIMAFAMED EXCO meetings.

f. AfroPHC:

i. WONCA Africa facilitated the development of an African Forum for Primary Care (AfroPHC) as a space for frontline primary care team members to advocate for PHC in UHC. This was based on a proposal by Jan de Maeseneer at the WONCA Africa WHO Workshop. AfroPHC has support from WONCA Africa, AACP, ICN, APN, AMREF, TUFH, AFREHealth, AfrIPEN, WHO AFRO. The list is growing. AfroPHC, as a space for frontline primary care team members to advocate for PHC in UHC, is already set up with website, google group, monthly webinars and a leadership/management course. There were monthly Core Team Meetings with progress on developing a concept note on PHC Teams including family doctors in Africa. AfroPHC had a series of webinars and workshops over 2020 to develop the forum. The virtual AfroPHC Workshop 9-11 September 2020 was a great success. There were important panel and group discussions on key questions, including taking AfroPHC forward with representatives of AfroPHC supporting organisations. See amazing videos from participants. See the detailed workshop programme here. We processed the material into a statement. The presentations with feedback via Mentimeter are available on the webpage https://afrophc.org/afrophc-workshop/. The AfroPHC UHC workshop on 10th Dec 2020 with the focus on workforce issues was very successful.

ii. In order to strengthen AfroPHC and collaborations a series of workshops over 2021 were planned: human resources for health, funding for PHC under UHC, PHC education issues, supporting CHWs, PHC teamwork, digital health, quality and safety, rural PHC etc. AfroPHC is part of the AlliesforPHC facilitated by PHCPI. The African Forum for PHC has become a powerful space for frontline primary care team members to advocate for PHC in UHC.

iii. The organization has been formalized 20th April 2021 with a diverse executive, Dr Innocent Besigye as President and Prof S. Moosa as the Executive Coordinator. Monthly policy workshops are supporting progress on developing a concept note on PHC Teams including family doctors in Africa that is planned to be submitted to WHO AFRO. There has been extensive networking with other global and Africa-wide PHC organisations under the banner of AfroPHC, including nurse, clinical officer and community health worker organisations. There are now over 30 AfroPHC Supporting Organisations and the 30 member AfroPHC Advisory Board has been appointed with the first meeting planned for 5th November 2021.

g. Academic Focus:

i. Engagements: Prof Moosa opened the FamLeap Trainers Course by RCGP with ten African countries at Wits, Johannesburg on 10th December 2018.

ii. Academic Activities: Prof Moosa also initiated the monthly WONCA Africa PhD Forum Webinar in June 2019 and monthly WONCA Africa Academic Development Webinars from July 2019. The WONCA Africa PhD Forum Webinar and WONCA Africa Academic Development Webinars have been terminated since 2020 with Primafamed now Official Academic arm of WONCA Africa.

iii. African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine: AJPHCFM, as the official journal of WONCA Africa is growing well. A report for Jan-Mar 2021 shows ±30000 visitors, most from Africa. It had 21 acceptances with 13 published. The board is acutely aware that 87% of articles published are from South Africa although South Africans makes 51% submissions. The Editorial Board has set up a mentorship programme for authors. The journal is extensively indexed. Its citation-based measurements have shown steady improvements over the years. There has been successful use of the journal for two editorials annually.

1. Get to know WONCA Africa

2. Kampala Commitment 2019

3. World Organisation of Family Doctors Africa is moving!

4. Collaboration with World Health Organization

5. Development of African Forum for primary health care

6. Outcomes of AfroPHC, a WONCA Africa project

7. Family Doctor Leadership in African Primary Health Care

iv. Primafamed: Academic membership is a focus for WONCA, especially value add. Primafamed is now the official Academic Journal of WONCA Africa with a document signed between Prof Mash and Dr Manning. Primafamed had a day virtual conference on 28th October 2020 for ±40 academic institutions across Africa. There was a session exploring the relationship between Wonca Africa/Primafamed and WHO AFRO. It concluded with an open door to cooperation, including support for AfroPHC efforts. Primafamed has 40 institutions from 25 countries in the network with Prof. Bob Mash as coordinator. Primafamed has been supporting family medicine education across Africa, particularly the Train the Trainers programme and collaboration in curriculum development. It also supports research including collaborations and mentorship (including Afriwon). Both education and research are supported by monthly e-workshops from March 2021. It is also part of the global PHC Research Consortium since 2019. Bob Mash serves as Chairman of the PHC RC Board. Africa is involved in two projects. Primafamed is also part of the International Thematic Network on Climate Change, Migration and Health in partnership with Ghent University and a number of strategic international partners. It is part of the NORHED grant with work in Malawi and Zambia and expected to cover three Primafamed meetings. It has links to Wonca World Working Parties on Research and Education. Wonca Africa and Primafamed participate in each other’s EXCO’s and usually aligns it annual meetings with WONCA Africa meetings. It has been linked to WHO AFRO and AfroPHC as part of Wonca Africa. It has a listserve to communicate with academics across Africa. There is a plan for a two-day virtual conference in October 2021. A French academic from DRC has been coopted to support linkages with Francophone Africa.

2. Membership

a. Current Membership: We had ten paid up Member Organisations in 2018

i. Kenya

a. Kenya Association of Family Physicians (KAFP)

ii. Lesotho

a. Lesotho Medical Association (LMA)

iii. Ghana

a. The Society of Family Physicians of Ghana

b. West African College of Physicians Ghana Chapter Faculty of Family Medicine. [Associate Member – non-voting]

iv. Nigeria

a. Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN)

b. Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria (SOFPON)

c. Faculty of Family Medicine, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN), [Associate Member – non-voting]

v. South Africa

a. South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP)

vi. Uganda

a. Association of Family Physicians of Uganda (AFPU)

vii. Zimbabwe

a. College of Primary Care Physicians of Zimbabwe (CPCZ

b. New membership: We have added four more members since 2018

i. Cameroon

a. Medcamer Family Medicine (MFM)

ii. Botswana

a. Botswana Association of Family Physicians (BAFP)

iii. Liberia

a. Society of Family Physicians of Liberia (SOFPOL)

iv. DRC (pending)

a. Congolese Society of Family Medicine (CSFM)

c. Potential Membership: There are still potential members that need support.

i. Zambia: Dr. Bassim Birkland reached out in May 2021 announcing the formation of the Association of Family Physicians of Zambia (AFPZ) and their desire to apply for WONCA membership. They are liaising with the Secretariat.

ii. Ethiopia: Prof Moosa engaged with Andrew Jannseen and Yohannes Yimer in December 2018 and visited them in March 2019 on progress and membership. A 3-year postgraduate programme started in 2013. Their first graduates emerged in 2016. The Ethiopian Society of Family Physicians formed in 2016, led by Yohannes Yimer. They are busy from June 2019 with an application to WONCA. Ethiopian Society of Family Physicians application is delayed due to bylaw challenges

iii. Somaliland: Dr Mohamed Umer, a final year registrar, joined the WONCA Africa Conference in Kampala June 2019 and was keen to collaborate. Dr Mona Mohamed, chairperson of SOFPA (Somaliland FP Association) and graduate of Amoud University-Somaliland reached out subsequently. They are keen to join and have applied to WONCA but have challenges obtaining a ‘license for the association’

iv. Rwanda: Postgraduate training started 2008 but stopped in 2011 with 9 FPs graduated (8 in non-FP roles and Dr Vincent Cubaka in University of Rwanda running the undergraduate programme on community medicine. They had no association, but they are interested. Prof Moosa reached out in October 2018 to key family doctors in Rwanda to join WONCA. There was no response. Dr Abubakar engaged with Harris Lygidakis in 2019. A reminder email was sent in July 2019, pointing to the WONCA response to the BMJ article co-authored by Dr Agnes Binagwaho and the subsequent teleconference with her. We await their interest in going forward with the facilitation and joining WONCA

v. Sudan: Dr Sameh Mohamed, family physician and president of the Training Committee of the Sudan Board Family Medicine Council has applied for Academic Membership in July 2019. There is no clarity on this outcome.

vi. Mali: Dr Abubakar engaged with Dr Mohammed Diabate. There is a Department of Family Medicine with a 4yr postgraduate programme since 2013 but no registered association, with few family physicians. We reached out again in June 2019 to Dr Mohamed Diabate, a specialist in community medicine in Bamako. He said he tried a meeting of family doctors in Mali two years ago but did not succeed. We will have to support.

vii. Togo: Dr Kossivi Afanvi reached out in July 2019 and March 2021 saying they have an association with leaders but are working on bylaws. They have been connected with WONCA.

viii. Namibia: Prof Moosa engaged with Felicia Christians in December 2018 on progress and membership. There is a Department of Family Medicine since 2010 but only one family physician and more focus on undergraduate training with limited capacity and the twinning with UCT in SA. An association has been formed. Dr Aderemi Alagbe, the secretary general of the Academy of Family Physicians in Namibia (AFPN), is taking the lead on registering it and reached out in December 2018. They have been connected with WONCA but there is no clarity on progress.

ix. Benin: Dr Abubakar engaged with Dr Faton Honore. An association has been registered and bank account opened. A general assembly was planned for 2019. There is no clarity on progress

x. Cape Verde: Ana Nunes Barata has engaged and is willing to assist with other Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

3. WONCA Africa Conference

a. Preconferences: 4-5th June 2019

i. The Primafamed Pre-Conference was held on 4th -5th June with 34 people attending. There was rich discussion on developing the organisation more formally.

ii. Afriwon Pre-Conference was held on morning of 5th June with 33 people attending

iii. Wonca Women Pre-Conference was held on the afternoon of 5th June with 30 people attending

b. 2019 Conference 6-8th June

i. There were several plenaries including Donald Li / Amanda Howe

ii. Dr Prosper Tumusiime (WHO AFRO) and Mr Nat Otoo (SPARC) attended all three days and had plenaries.

iii. There were 44 oral presentations and 21 workshops for 181 participants from 22 different countries

iv. The income of $36981 less expenses of $33981 provided a profit of $3000 that was split 40:60 between WONCA Africa and LOC.

v. The Kampala Commitment was issued and supported by a multitude of organisations. See https://www.woncaafrica.org/post/kampala-commitment-2019

c. Next Conference: WONCA Africa Conference in Abuja, Nigeria is now planned for 2022. Dan Abubakar is organising

d. Funding: WONCA Africa obtained an agreement from WONCA to loan WONCA Africa LOCs $5 000-10 000 as pre-funding on application with motivation and budget.

4. Communication

a. The website www.WONCAafrica.org , Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube have been refreshed and the WONCA World webpage reviewed. There is an active social media presence for WONCA Africa.

a. Many Member Organisations planned activities for World Family Doctors Day 19th May over these three years and shared activities on the Facebook page of WONCA.

5. Working Parties / SIGs in Africa

a. WONCA World has placed emphasis on coordination of WPs/SIGs with Pratyush Kumar appointed to coordinate them. We wanted a similar focus as WPs/SIGs are the brains trust of WONCA. Dr Joy Mugambi and Prof Moosa are part of the WPs/SIGs WhatsApp group set up by Pratyush Kumar

b. There are some WPs/SIGs known at an African level.

i. Afriwon led by Dr. Kwame of Ghana

ii. WP on Women and Family Medicine led by Elizabeth Reji of South Africa

iii. WP on Mental Health led by Dr. Ariba of Nigeria

iv. WONCA Rural led by Dr. Dan Abubakar of Nigeria / Ian Couper SA

v. WP on Environment with Dr. Henry Lawson of Ghana

vi. SIG on Emergency Medicine Africa region led by Dr. Mugambi Joy

c. We have challenges obtaining a list of African members from chairs of WONCA WPs/SIGs. This limits the ability of WONCA Africa to support WPs/SIGs engagement with local MOs / individuals.

d. There were African-led workshops at the WONCA Africa conference by Women, Afriwon, Mental Health, Ethics and Emergency Medicine. Education/Research was covered by the Primafamed Pre-conference in Kampala, 2019.

6. Afriwon

a. The chair is Dr Nana Kwame Asisi-Boateng

b. There are several theme groups in Afriwon

i. Dr Bola Fatusin – Education and Training

ii. Dr Ettang Enwongo – Image

iii. Dr Pius Ameh – Research

iv. Dr Jessie Mbamba – Exchange

c. Afriwon is working on growing membership using a Whatsapp platform with 250 members, increasing their country representatives. They are having monthly meetings. They are also working on social media.

d. Most of their effort was on the pre-conference in Uganda with its focus on mentorship and leadership in primary care. The Afriwon Preconference was held on 5th June. Their challenges were low participation, finances and challenges with training/recognition. They had workshops in the preconference on Lead for Aspire, Exchange in Africa and Research Mentorship. The Afriwon Whatsapp Chat group increased from 92 to 142 after the conference. It is now over 250. The Second round of the Afriwon Research Collaborative has been set up with Primafamed since 2021. There is a new executive being elected in October 2021.

e. Dr Asisi-Boateng was speaker at a UHC panel discussion at the IFMSA Conference in Kumasi, Ghana in December 2018

f. Afriwon is planning their elective Pre-Conference 5-7pm GMT 3rd October 2021

7. Women

a. The WONCA Working Party on Women in Family Medicine in Africa (WWPWFM Africa) exec members were Elizabeth Reji (Chair), Olusola Oluwaseun, Joy Mugambi, Martha Makwero, Jane Namatovu, Temitope Ilori.

b. They elected new country representatives at the 2019 WONCA Africa conference

i. Kenya: Dr. Joy Mugambi

ii. Malawi: Dr Martha Markwero / Dr Jessie Mbamba

iii. Nigeria: Dr. Olusola Oluwaseun /Dr. Moyosore Makinde

iv. Sierra Leone: Dr. Melvina Thompson/ Dr. Oteju Aramide

v. South Africa: Dr Elizabeth Reji

vi. Zambia: Dr Mpundu Makasa

vii. Uganda: Dr Jane Namatovu / Dr. Lilian Mukisa

c. WWPWFM Africa has monthly teleconferences with Zoom and a successful listserv of more than 100

d. WWPWFM Africa had a successful 2019 Pre-Conference with 30 participants in the afternoon of 5th June, Women’s Café on 6th June and 3 workshops in conference 7-8th June on: mentoring, leadership and introduction to research writing.

e. The Atai Omaruto Award funded for $1000 was presented to Dr. Jessie Mbamba and Dr Moyosore Makinde at the conference

f. WWPWFM Africa participated in the global WWPWFM Webinar on “Women Family Doctor Leaders for COVID-19 Response and Recovery with ±100 participants.

g. WWPWFM Africa celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021

h. WWPWFM Africa organized a mentoring and leadership workshop in Malawi on 15th May 2021 and a Primafamed Workshop on MCQs on 2nd June 2021

i. WWPWFM Africa organized a Quality and Safety Course in Nigeria 11th June 2021.

j. COVID-19 has frustrated many planned WWPWFM Africa activities.

k. WWPWFM Africa plan a Pre-Conference 4-6pm SAST 26th Sept 2021

8. Finances

a. The WONCA Africa President receives a budget of $7000 pa from WONCA. This is accounted for by WONCA and includes expenditure on travel, accommodation, bank charges, domains, hosting, website, zoom and CMS subscription, translations, social media virtual assistant etc.

b. WONCA Africa opened up a simple current account in Standard Bank South Africa but closed it after a year and failed fund-raising attempts.

c. There was a resolution two terms ago to levy African member organisations (MO) $1 per member of MOs but results have been poor. The WONCA CEO has invoice MOs and sent a letter to MOs (co-signed with Prof Moosa) requesting the $1 WONCA Africa levy per member of MOs. This resolution has produced results with monies collected by WONCA in the WONCA Africa Account.

d. WONCA Africa had $1200 in cash from the WONCA Africa 2019 Conference per the 40:60 split agreed for WONCA Africa, and this was transferred to the WONCA Africa Account in WONCA in 2021, resulting in $1155.25 in the WONCA Africa Account.

e. WONCA Africa had no regional funds in 2018 but this has improved substantially with ±$ 5,976.25 held by the WONCA Secretariat in the WONCA Africa Account as of 24th September 2021. This includes dues paid by Member Organisations, $1000 from ABFM for the Montegut Award 2021 and $1155.25 (after bank charges) from WONCA Africa Conference 2019.

f. WONCA Africa EXCO tried to set up a Friends of WONCA Africa (FOWA) Fund at the WONCA CEOs office to provide seed-funding for WONCA Africa Conferences. WONCA did not adopt the proposal but resolved to support pre-funding of Regional Conferences.

g. The Treasurer is participating in the global Finance Committee.

9. Awards

a. Montegut Award: This $2000 award was shared between Dr Klaus von Pressentin (South Africa) and Dr Yohannes Yimer (Ethiopia) for WONCA Africa Conference 2019. Dr von Pressentin has produced a report (submitted to the WONCA Newsletter). Dr Yimer was unable to join due to last minute visa issues. The president provided a discretionary award of $500 to Dr Mayosore Makinde (Nigeria) as runner up. The Montegut Award for the 2021 WONCA Conference went to Malawi and Nigeria.

b. WONCA Africa 5-star doctor: Prof Victor Inem was chosen for 2019. He was not present in Kampala and a token is being posted to him. There were no nominations for 2020. Prof Khaya Mfenyana was nominated for 2021.

WONCA Africa Executive Committee

24th September 2021

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